Health Meets Food: The Culinary Medicine Conference 2018


Lynda Harrison

Legacy Health Center
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
I am a Holistic/Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner with a special interest in teaching patients about Life Balance and taking better care of their overall health--body, mind, spirit.
Thursday, June 14

12:00pm CDT

Friday, June 15

6:30am CDT

8:00am CDT

9:15am CDT

2:00pm CDT

3:05pm CDT

4:05pm CDT

6:00pm CDT

Saturday, June 16

6:30am CDT

8:00am CDT

10:00am CDT

11:00am CDT

1:30pm CDT

1:55pm CDT

Sunday, June 17

7:00am CDT

8:00am CDT

8:30am CDT

9:00am CDT

9:30am CDT

10:30am CDT

11:00am CDT

11:15am CDT

1:00pm CDT