Health Meets Food: The Culinary Medicine Conference 2018

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William S.. George

Health Partners Plans
President and Chief Executive Officer

William  S..  George  has  served  as  Health  Partners Plans ’  president  and  chief  executive  officer  since  2006..  In  this  capacity,,  he  has  overall  responsibility  for  leading  one  of Greater  Southeastern  Pennsylvania’s  largest  health  maintenance  organizations,,  serving  more  than  282,000  members through  its  nationally  recognized  Medicaid  managed  care  plan , Children’s  Health  Insurance  Program  (CCHIP))  plan  for  uninsured  children  up  to  age  19 and  on e  of  the  fastest -growing  Medicare  plan s in  Philadelphia..  

Health  Partners  Plans  is a  32  year -old,,  not -for -profit  organization owned  by  six  prominent  Philadelphia  area  m edical  s chool//tteaching  hospitals.. 

Health  Partners  Plans  has  received  numerous  honors  u nder  Mr..  George's  leadership .   Currently ,  the  company  is the  only  Medicaid  plan  in  Pennsylvania  and  is  among  just  11  Medicaid  plans nationwide  with  an  accreditation  status  of  Excellent  as  of  September  26,,  2017..  This  is  the  highest  status  bestowed  by  the  Na tional  Committee  for  Quality  Assurance.. Its  Medicaid  plan  also  receives  strong  ratings  for member  satisfaction  in  the  region and was  the  first  plan  in  the  nation to  receive  NCQA’s  Multicultural  Health  Care  Distinction..  Health  Partners  Plans  was  rated  a  top  place  to  work  by  Philly..ccom  and  Modern  Healthcare magazine..   

Most  recently,,  Health  Partners  Plans  has  received  national  attention  for  an  unprecedented  partnership , f ounded by  Mr..  George , with  the  Metropolitan  Area  Neighborhood  Nutrition  Allian ce  (MMANNA))..  The  program  “pprescrib es ”  medically  nutritious  meals  to Health  Partners  Plans members  battling  diabetes  and  other  illnesses.. To  date,,  over  445,853 meals  were  provided ,  at  no  cost,, to  more  than  1,759  Health  Partners  Plans  members.. Under  Mr..  George’s  leadership,,  Health  Partners  Plans  also  received  a  HealthCare  Innovation  Award  (HHCIA))  sponsored  by  the  Centers  for  Medicare  and  Medicaid  Services  (CCMS))  to  implement  several  disease  management  programs  for  its  members..  HPP  was  one  of  thre e  organizations  out  of  106  to  achieve  significant  cost  savings  while  providing  improved  health  outcomes..  Additionally,,  Health  Partners  Plans  is  the  only  organization  operating  post  funding  and  its  Medicaid  standards  of  care  have  been  adopted  in  Colorado,,  N ew  Mexico  and  Texas.. 

Mr..  George  serves  on  the  Pennsylvania  state  board  for  the  March  of  Dimes,,  where  he  is  also  Board  Treasurer..   He  is  a  Board  Member  and  Board  Treasurer  of  The  Food  Trust  and  the  St..  Christopher’s  Foundation  for  Children,,  two  organizatio ns  that  promote  healthy  eating  and  support  getting  nutritious  food  to  families  in  Philadelphia  and  other  metropolitan  areas  throughout  the  United  States..    He  also  serves  as  a  Board  Member  and  Board  Treasurer  of  t wo org anizations  supporting  historic preser vation  in  the  Fairmount  Park  System  in  Philadelphia.. 

Mr..  George  has  received  the  Good  Scout  Award  from  the  Cradle  of  Liberty  Council,,  Boy  Scouts  of  America;;  the  Drum  Major  Award  from  the  Philadelphia  Council  of  Clergy;;  the  Human  Rights  Award  from  the  Phil adelphia  Commission  on  Human  Relations;;  the  Essence  of  Fatherhood  Award  from  the  Father’s  Day  Rally  Committee ;  the  City  of  Philadelphia’s  Liberty  Bell  Award ;  and  most  recently  the Public  Citizen  for  Children  and  Youth  Award.. 

Mr..  George  has  a  BA  in  History and  Economics  from  Lafayette  College  and  an  MBA  in  Finance  from  the  University  of  Pennsylvania’s  Wharton  School  of  Business..  Mr..  George  is  also  a  CPA