Health Meets Food: The Culinary Medicine Conference 2018

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Egg Nutrition Center

The Egg Nutrition Center (ENC) is the science and nutrition education division of the American Egg Board. Its mission is to be a credible source of nutrition and health information and the acknowledged leader in research and education related to eggs.

ENC has a robust research program that funds more than $1.5 million in research annually. The program was created for the purpose of extending the understanding of the nutritional value of eggs and egg-related nutrients and the role of eggs in a healthy diet. The philosophy underpinning the research program is that eggs are an inexpensive, convenient and versatile food providing a diverse array of bioactive food components in a nutrient-dense synergistic food system. ENC uses a competitive research grant process that abides by integrity guidelines developed to minimize the potential for bias due to funding source. Presently, over 50 studies are on-going at 35 institutions across the country.

The ENC team consists of credentialed nutrition experts who value initiatives that promote public health. ENC has been a proud partner with the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine to help bring this important program to health professionals across the country.