Health Meets Food: The Culinary Medicine Conference 2018

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Sola Sweet

Today's food industry has made it extremely difficult to avoid sugar. Grocery stores are filled with processed foods packed with large amounts of added sugar and processed carbohydrates. It's why obesity and chronic disease are at epidemic levels - and why we make our incredibly delicious, better-for-you products without all the sugar and low net carbs. At Sola®, our purpose is to offer healthier alternatives for every taste, without losing any of the deliciousness and flavor you're accustomed to. We want Sola® to be the delicious choice for your healthier lifestyle.


•. We value taste & health - we know taste comes first, but helping improve health at the same time makes us happy.
•. We value wellness - that's why we're working hard to replace both sugar and blood sugar impacting carbohydrates with something better.
•. We value family - we all try to do what's best for our kids, and we all care about our family's health. And we're trying to make that easier than ever for you.
•. We value craft - we were founded by a chef, so "homemade," "handmade" and "craft made" are words that truly represent us at our core